Why Vision Statements are Hard to Write (And How to Make it Easier)

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  1. Marina Ball says:

    Thank you for covering this subject of Vision Statement writing. Our organization recently sat down to discuss our vision and it was challenging to keep tasks out of the statement. Thinking about what success looks like in 30 years gave us a new view of our current mission statement and a realization that the youth we serve now will be raising a new generation of youth.

  1. September 13, 2017

    […] If you’re looking for help crafting a vision, check out my earlier blog post called Why Vision Statements are so Hard to Write (and How to Make it Easier). […]

  2. October 3, 2017

    […] If you need help crafting a solid vision statement, check out this blog post: Why Vision Statements Are Hard to Write (and How to Make it Easier). […]

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